Its Not A Toaster

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again.  The fresh smell of spring, little creatures coming to life after a long winter, and the birth celebration of my brother!

He’s getting pretty old these days, but still very much a kid… As you can see from the pictures.


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Feel free to leave a birthday comment, I know he’d love to hear from you.

The Legendary Boys of Floyd are proud to announce that we are approaching our 5 year anniversary! This has truly been our labor of love and we appreciate your continued support and thrive on seeing everyone that drops by our booths at conventions. It is because of you, our fans, readers, caffeinated buddies, that we move forward supplying you with our perfect drinking companion, this comic.

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As brothers, working together has been a blast. Bouncing crazy ideas off of each other and writing some seriously fun stuff. I never imagined that this would be the project we would be collaborating on for 5 years, I figured it would be more of asteroid mining, or overthrowing a south american government. But it hasn’t all been sun and roses. To be honest, this is hard (but fun!). Finding the time while looking for work (both of us have been unemployed for good portions of our run here, damn recession), or starting new careers at busy companies. It can be taxing, but it is such a joy when we hear from you, meet you at conventions and talk about good ole stuff, cause we know about stuff, all sorts of stuff.

Along the way we have experimented with different avenues for our characters, expanding their roles, putting them in odd situations and developing different formats. We hope it hasn’t been too bumpy of a ride. We feel both our story-telling and art has improved a thousand fold since the beginning, and if you look back you may say “What the Hell, this is way off from where you are now“, well kinda, but if you follow the story, it makes sense. I don’t feel we jumped the shark, we just put a major event in the middle of the road and rammed full bore into it!

The Legendary Boys of Floyd is our madness. And you can’t stop being crazy, you just plugin your eight track for your brain, smile and keep going. We follow a lot of fellow webcomic artists, and look upon them with envy, we dream of playing with the big boys, being able to do what we love and make fair compensation for our endeavors. We also would love to hear more from YOU! We love getting emails, we love chatting on Facebook, and we love meeting you in person (we have been known to give out free stuff to our fans). We also like to hear ideas for where our characters can go and what they should do, we are not a vacuum, cause we don’t suck.

Keep drinking your coffee, mixing it with whisky, and laughing your ass off!

~Tim & Tom, The Boys of Floyd

We here at the Boys of Floyd are pretty avid gamers. We love to shoot things, save people, and totally get pwned by newbs (I said that right? right?). And that being said we always get a little excited when it comes to new product announcements. The PS4 was announced a few weeks ago and with come a lot of not news about the actual console, some pretty great games (yeah Destiny!). I am sure they are waiting to hear what MS does with their console to see if any last minute changes can happen, announce a competitive price point, who knows.

xbox Infinity

The rumor mill continues to churn and will continue until MS announces their new box. The 720? Durnago? The Infinity? I have heard that it will happen at the Game Developers Conference late March, maybe E3… I am pretty pumped, but that means saving up some coin for whichever console peaks my interest and has the best launch titles, backwards compatibility would be nice…

I think this is going to be a big year for gamers, at least the dawn of one. The capabilities of these machines are going to be tremendous, a deeper level of connectivity, better physics, killer graphics… and I am hoping great gameplay. What are you anticipating, what have you heard?

See you at the bottom of coffee cup!

I came across this great article that details the history of a Scottish Distillery, Bruichladdich.  This article, on the New Yorker, follows Mark Reynier as he quests to learn more about this amazing whisky and the distilling process.  The deep heritage of distilling spirits is legendary in Scotland and Islay has brought about a distinct taste unlike any other.

This article goes on as preserving this unique drink becomes his quest.

Unable to visit Bruichladdich—unable, anymore, even to enjoy its whisky—Reynier devised a modest plan to save his favorite spirit: he would buy the distillery. Every year, he wrote to the parent company, and every year he was told that it wasn’t for sale.

Looks like it might be time to go dig up this old charm and see how the heritage has aged.

In 2011, the new Bruichladdich turned ten, and so did the oldest batch of new whisky in the warehouse. The distillery finally had a flagship ten-year-old, which it called the Laddie Ten: a definitive name for a definitive dram. Bruichladdich even allowed itself to gloat, with a slogan: “The first ten years are the toughest!” Reviews were generally enthusiastic. Whisky Advocate named the Laddie Ten the year’s best Islay whisky, above bottles that sell for more than ten times the price. (In the U.S., a bottle of the Laddie Ten costs about fifty-five dollars.) And, for the first time, Bruichladdich appeared on the shelves of duty-free shops in airports worldwide


This might just be the perfect drink and draw beverage of choice.

Now I am sure I am dating myself here. And I don’t mean myself out and treating me to something nice with the hopes of getting into my pants. But I was around and distinctly remember when Halo was preparing to be launched on the Mac platform, just like its predecessors Marathon, Oni, and Myth. I also remember a particular development video that talked about what they wanted Halo to be. A more persistent universe, where you tailor the play to your style, where you could be a top notch snipe and be recruited to help out on a mission and provide cover, or you could be a demolition expert and provide a different type of support for the same mission. But that was back in the ’90′s, the technology wasn’t ready for that. Not even close.
Cue the 2010′s? And Bungie reveals the world of Destiny, a world very similar to their original concept except now it can be realized and actually be delivered. I know there are haters out there, but I have to say Bungie knows how to rock an awesome game, tight shooting, well balanced, all in all a fun experience. And Coop to boot! So sit back and enjoy the video, I think this has been what they have wanted to do since they conceived the idea of Halo (or Monkey Nuts as it was originally called). I am excited.