As is the case, around this time, every 4 years or so. I start getting agitated with the political garbage. Who cares what side of the garbage you stand on, both sides smell.  So I say its time for change!!  Let’s make this election different.  Let’s show that the POWER is still in the hands of the people.

Let’s Elect Floyd!!!

A Real Man of Change... Exact Change!

A Real Man of Change… Exact Change!



Call your friends!! Spam your family!!  Spray paint it on the side of your neighbors car!! It’s time to rally for a real cause. Something that the people of this great nation can wrap their lips around. We need an excuse to drink more coffee!! Well this is the best reason right here.  Head to the Bean Drip with your ballot and cast your vote for Floyd while sipping a Quad Shot to the Nuts!!! It’s the American way.

(If you close your eyes and listen really hard, you can almost hear the National Anthem. my hand is over my heart and there is just a slight tear appearing in the corner of my eye… I’m such a patriot.)

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