I was perusing the iTunes store the other day when I came across a little gem from Starbucks.  They have a new mobile card app for the iPhone and iPod touch.  This app is amazing, and I don’t mean the fact that its a card on my phone.  This is the beginning of me not having to carry my wallet, a.k.a. my money clip, any more.

You see for a long time I’ve wanted to live in a paperless cardless utopian society.  To be free from misplacing my credit cards, or drivers license.  Oh to be able to flash my iPhone the next time I’m pulled over by the police and show my Drivers license, proof of insurance and registration without having to dig through my glove box.  Here is a post about scanning your current wallet contents and including them within your iPhone.  The possibilities continue to grow with each new app that pops up.

Lets take a look at a few.  First the Starbucks mobile card app.  How about being able to scan your card from your phone, refill the card from your phone, check balance and all sorts of stuff.  If more companys would jump on this band wagon, then when iPhone OS 4 comes out with the new organization of apps in folders, I can have my digital wallet holding all my membership cards, credit cards and so on.

Next we have the airlines beginning to join the cause.  More and more are offering digital copies of their tickets and boarding passes to allow a more paper-free society.  I found this over at Delta.  You can handle all of your Delta travel needs right from your phone.  Again, it’s another step toward my utopia.  Are you convinced yet to join me?

Alright, one more.  This one is like my dream come true.  A company called Square Inc. has created a way for the rest of us to take credit cards on the go.  Just sign up for their service (free), get their app (free), get your card reader (free), and start swiping cards.  Just think about your next garage sell.  No petty cash needed, you can take plastic.  Or your next Craigslist transaction, with your phone and square you can eliminate the need to handle cash or check.  swipe their card and take their money.  Done.  NO MORE PAPER!  This thing is amazing.  We hope to have it by the time we go to DWEX.  Think of how fun it’ll be for us to take your money with this thing.

Next we need to figure out how to do all this with out a phone, maybe an embedded microchip or forehead tattoo.  Maybe the chip is the best option.

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