There are few game franchises out there that I follow, as they tend to get long in the tooth, lose their way and generally just get repetitive. Now I have heard people say the Assassins Creed franchise is repetitive in nature, but it is one franchise that has grown and learns from its foibles. Now AC3 is coming out soon (not soon enough IMO) and the previews I have seen are knocking my socks off! And this latest video talking about the Anvil engine just seems impossible. Dynamic weather, 2000 NPC’s in a single scene, fluid movement for character, parkour style combat.

This may be the game where skeptics of the series should give it a try.

Of course my curiosity is piquing over this engine, what would happen if they licensed it out. I am sure there are developers that could use this in AWESOME ways. Yes, Batman Arkham Asylum/City was great, but plug it this engine, get some wall scaling, add some parkour to batmans already kick ass combat and wow. Or maybe revise a classic game, imagine Metroid in this engine, a Earthworm Jim.

Of course my idea for a game… I wish someone would develop… Take the space combat of Wing Commander with the combat of Assassins Creed. Seamlessly fly your ship onto a disabled battle cruiser or space station, leave your ship and fight hand to hand in the interior to take the ship and it’s prizes. Someone…. please…..

Until then, keep drinking your coffee.


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