We recently ran across a game that was published to iOS. A game that pits the republican presidential candidate against the democratic presidential candidate (Mitt vs. Barrack). It is totally playing of the Infinity Blade engine, and it’s pretty fun. It also shows voter sway, kinda.

The Game is VOTE! The Game. put out by Epic (Chair) games. It pits the candidates against each in semi-mortal combat.

Ok, now the REAL reason I am writing this post. Maybe some of you looooong time readers remember the last election. The one where Obama won. Yeah that one. We ran a little strip series, little meaning 2 strips. Showing this EXACT situation.


So either we had a really AWESOME idea, or Epic games is a fan of Floyd.

Of course who isn’t a fan of Floyd. A little credit would have been nice. But I’ll settle for the version of the game where it pits Mary Ann against Ginger in an all out jell-o fight!

Until next time, keep the coffee coming!

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