Lucky Bean’s Give-Away #1

UPDATE: We Have a Winner!!!

Seriously, who dosen’t want something thing for nothing?  My hand is always the first raised with any offer of free (insert any item of value simply because you don’t have it).

So for our first Lucky Bean’s Give-Away, we are offering up a tantalizing little morsel.  You see, we traveled to the Penny Arcade Expo, and you can read about it here, and picked up not one, but two little hidden treasures.  If you read through our story and look at our pics in the same post you will notice a funky alien dude.  He is from Destroy all Humans, and if you just happened to get your picture with him you would receive a Bobble-Head doll in his likeness. With our craftiness and combined superior intellect, our plan was set into motion.  And Bam!! We have 2.

But for this Lucky Bean’s Give-Away, we are offering up 1(one) Limited Edition, only found in small quantities, two of a kind as far as we’re concerned.  Can you even contain yourself?  So what is my bid for this rare gem…  Well thats the easy part, leave a comment and tell us where you plan to display this incredible piece of video game lore.  Then we will be choosing at random some lucky individual.  We will only be counting one comment per person, but if you use the trackback we will give you an extra entry.  So I guess all you bloggers get a leg up in this first give-away.

You never know, if you win you could be one step closer to completing Christmas shopping this year.

The winner of the first Lucky Bean’s Give-Away will be announced on Friday October 17, 2008. So you must comment by Thursday October 16, 2008.

I almost forgot, as added incentive we are throwing in a handful of our world famous Legendary Stickers of Floyd.  

Good Luck, and for your sake, I hope that Beans is on your side.

Want to know more about Beans?  Go back to the Beginning.

The winner of our first Lucky Bean’s Give-Away is ‘planobarryp’.(insert thunderous applause here) Congratulation Barry!!! We will be contacting you shortly for your mailing information. And you can read about the rest of this story on Fox News later today.

If anyone else is interested in getting stickers to display your Legendary Boys of Floyd pride, drop us an email and we’ll mail out some to you.

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  1. Sam Jackson

    I would put this mutha flippin thing in my bathroom. The grrrr face is very inspiring to the business I attend to on the mutha flippin can!

  2. Isaac Anderson

    I would put this right on top of my computer monitor at work to remind me that I don’t have to put up with it after all.

  3. Josh Smith

    I would proudly display it in it’s case on my entertainment center beside all the games so that I could see it everytime I played or watched TV. I would sleep in my recliner just so I could wake up to it!

  4. fishingsister

    It would match the other one I hid in the bookcase. Wow, what a thought…or maybe it would be in my family Christmas gift basket this year and YOU could win it.

  5. jenn

    this is against my better judgement…I think I’d put it in the kid’s room with the toys…

  6. Ron

    I would bring it with me from class to class at school so i’d have a little buddy to hang out with.

  7. planobarryb

    I put put it between the to minitors on my desk facing the hallway. I am the IT director at a large church and it will scare many of the staff. I’m sure that would/will jump to the wrong conclusion and decide it is evil. He isn’t evil he just wants to destroty the world, that’s all. Digging the site, keep up the good work.

  8. Terri

    I would have to give it to my favorite barista! DeeDee at HomeDEEpot in Silverdale, WA

  9. Dr Dozzy

    I would put mine on my right hand speaker next to my monitor, mirroring the Vaultboy bobblehead on the left hand one, so they can both bob their heads to my music.

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