Lucky Bean’s Give-Away #2

UPDATE: We have a winner!!!

It’s time once again for another Lucky Bean’s Give-Away from the Legendary Boys of Floyd!!!  In honor of Halloween and all the candy goodness that goes along with that, how could we not offer up a signed copy of our Halloween Special.

Starting today  Monday November 3rd and running until Sunday November 9th, if you post a comment to this Lucky Bean’s Give-Away you are entered to win!! It doesn’t get any easier to win what could be the best conversation piece of Thanksgiving, or that special gift for the mom who has everything come Christmas time, or maybe you need some inspiration sitting on your desk or hanging in your office.  Enter now, these brains won’t eat themselves!! The winner will be posted on Monday November 10th.

This signed copy of the Living Un-Caffeinated will be 12×15 ready to be framed and displayed in all of it’s yummy brain splattering goodness.

BUT WAIT!!!! There’s more.  Not only will you get this fabulous piece of the Legendary Boys of Floyd history, but you will also receive the Legendary Stickers of Floyd.  Thats right, you too can proudly display your Legendary Boys of Floyd pride.  But wait, there’s more!!! Not only will our lucky winner receive the signed print and the stickers, but you will also receive whatever halloween candy our kids have not consumed by the end of this contest.

Don’t wait!!!! Enter now!!!! It only takes a comment.  Beans is standing by.

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  1. Eyghon8

    Follow a link from joystiq… and man am I glad I did. Funny stuff. You are now bookmarked from my convenience. See you next post!

  2. jenn

    Hey! I want that candy!!

  3. Brendan

    :P awesome I can’t wait for the game itself:D

  4. robbie158

    Also following a joystiq link.

    Good stuff.

  5. Ron

    OMG art signed by the legendary Tom and Tim….
    and it even has zombies.

    DO WANT.

    don’t let the kids eat all of the fastbreaks, THEY’RE MINE!

  6. Gina Helton

    I want a free game!!

  7. Drexl

    Cafffffffffffiiiiinnnnnneeeeee! I see the uncaffinated all the time and they scare the hell out of me! I guess I should start carrying weapons in the morning.

  8. Qrio

    lol nice! hope i win!

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