Lucky Bean’s Give-Away #3

Beans and Starbucks


We have a winner!  

Jim is the winner. Congrats to you. And thanks everyone who entered.  Keep your eyes out for the next Lucky Bean’s Give-Away.

It’s  new year, must be time for another Lucky Bean’s Give-Away from the Legendary Boys of Floyd. Hot on the heels of Christmas with most of us still looking for some form of warmth, I offer you a Starbucks Gift Card.  Thats right a genuine, plastic, flash it at the cashier and get free hot or cold drinks, gift card.  ”How much is on it”, you might ask.  And that would be a good question.  Honestly, I don’t know.  Think of it as a mystery card.  But to reassure you, there’s at least $5.00 and quite possibly $15.00.  It is an unused card, I promise.  I just can’t remember the dollar amount.  Hey, give me break, it’s free.  All you need to do is leave a comment here and your in.  


This match is scheduled for one week.  So come Monday January 19th at 12:00 am Pacific time, we like to sleep in, the Lucky Bean’s Give-Away is over.  Don’t blame me it has to end or nobody wins and i sit on this Starbuck’s card of undisclosed denomination.  So go on leave your comment and come back on Monday and see who won. It could be you.  One comment per-person please, but if you leave a track-back I’ll give you two entries.  

Seriously, it’s like Christmas in January, or think of it as a New Years gift, I don’t care just take the dumb card.  Got it?

Let’s run the rules  one more time.  Leave a comment here to be entered to win. One comment per person.  If you leave a trackback or pingback, I’ll give you a 2 count.  We will randomly pick the lucky winner on Monday January 19th. So get your comment in before then.

Another Lucky Bean’s Give-Away brought to you by the Legendary Boys of Floyd.

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  1. jenn

    I really, really want this card! I’m betting on 15 bucks!!

  2. fishingsister

    Hey, I REALLY want this card but I bet the Starbucks coffee ranks second to Floyd’s, for sure, no matter what name Floyd puts on the drink.

  3. bilbo

    My precious…

  4. Isaac Anderson


  5. Jim

    I would love to win a card for the drive thru

  6. HankTorrents

    Yaaah woooh whooo cooffee fooor mee :D

  7. Mark Dobson

    wow , this would be AWESOME !

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