Lucky Bean’s Give-Away #4



We have a winner!

Teal Cuttlefish is the winner. Congrats to you. And thank you to everyone who entered.  Keep your eyes out for the next Lucky Bean’s Give-Away.

Lucky Bean’s Give-Away #4.  I know, it’s hard to believe.  We are already at LBG-A #4(Lucky Bean’s Give-Away #4) and for this one we are giving away an iTunes gift card.  That’s right, an iTunes Gift Card!  A $15.00 Gift Card from iTunes.  Did I mention that this was a $15.00 iTunes Gift Card?  Seriously, I think I might comment on this one.  This Gift Card is good for Movies, Music, TV Shows, Apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and whatever else they might sell.

So… this LBG-A #4 will end @ 00:00 Pacific Time on Monday July 6th.  Think of it as a 4th of July Give-Away, well if you’re from the States, otherwise think of it as an iTunes Gift Card Give-Away, with fireworks!

Leave a comment here, and we will randomly draw a winner from the entries we’ve received on Monday.  So head back on Monday July 6th to see if you’ve won!

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  1. Charlie Brent

    Really? A $15 iTunes gift card? That is too good to be true!

  2. Joshua Horky

    Oh look, I just infinitely increased my changes of winning and split Charlie Brent’s chances of winning in half! I wonder who will come after us and follow in my example.

  3. Andrew A

    I am clearly headed for a rendezvous with an iTunes giftcard. Can I buy CDs with it?!?!?

  4. Gregg

    And now I have split Joshuas chances in half as well.

  5. jenn

    you know, there has to be a few losers, so I figure I might as well jump in here.

  6. Hannibal Hector

    OK, I am throwing my name in to the bucket?, chalice? hat? shoe? beer cooler? (yay beer!). Lets lift our glasses and toast to decreasing the odds of winning.

  7. Ange

    So can family win? :) lol I think I already know the answer to that. I’ll join in with Jenn!

  8. Ron

    here is my vote, ruining other peoples chances of winning.

  9. Teal Cuttlefish

    Just wandered over here from an ad on Sheldon, and I’m currently reading through your archives. Thanks!

  10. Isaac Anderson

    okay i guess i better throw my hat into the ring as well…

  11. Beth

    Can I buy a Blackberry app with this iTunes gift card?

  12. Crystal Woodrich

    Wait so how does one win? Do you draw us out of a hat? Just pick your favorite? Do we have to make you cookies?

  13. Tracy

    Really? I am in.

  14. Karl Bailey

    Now I can finish Gossip Girl season 2!!!

  15. sarthakw

    i wish 15 is your lucky number :)

  16. fishingsister

    oh, boy; oh, boy; oh boy…I feel like a winner. :-)

  17. Ruthy

    haha hope i win :)

  18. Lauren

    oh well this sounds interesting

  19. Ruthy

    oh i hope i win :)

  20. Teal Cuttlefish

    Hey, thanks!

    Nice find from Sheldon!

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