Now I am sure I am dating myself here. And I don’t mean myself out and treating me to something nice with the hopes of getting into my pants. But I was around and distinctly remember when Halo was preparing to be launched on the Mac platform, just like its predecessors Marathon, Oni, and Myth. I also remember a particular development video that talked about what they wanted Halo to be. A more persistent universe, where you tailor the play to your style, where you could be a top notch snipe and be recruited to help out on a mission and provide cover, or you could be a demolition expert and provide a different type of support for the same mission. But that was back in the ’90′s, the technology wasn’t ready for that. Not even close.
Cue the 2010′s? And Bungie reveals the world of Destiny, a world very similar to their original concept except now it can be realized and actually be delivered. I know there are haters out there, but I have to say Bungie knows how to rock an awesome game, tight shooting, well balanced, all in all a fun experience. And Coop to boot! So sit back and enjoy the video, I think this has been what they have wanted to do since they conceived the idea of Halo (or Monkey Nuts as it was originally called). I am excited.

A recent event television station ran an emergency broadcast. An emergency broadcast about a zombie uprising. And yet they say someone “hacked” into the EMS, and posted the broadcast.

My question is this… Did the mayan apocalypse happen and now there is this very elaborate coverup to keep people from freaking out, and by the time people really understand the ramifications it will be too late, the 1% will have been sequestered away into their little hidey-holes to wait for civilization to return. I say LET IT COME!!! I am ready!!!!
’til then, keep you swords sharp and your coffee hot!

PS, a great gift for valentines day might be a new glock, some nice running shoes and of course a personal adrenaline shot!

As you can see, Apocalypse happened in our neck of the woods, at least WE believe it happened. The world has changed, but how? Which apocalypse happened? Aliens ravaging our earth for it’s precious ladies? Did the undead rise up and overthrow our government and institute a socialist society? Did the Chargers win the Super Bowl – heh, that’ll never happen. Did Al Gore finally get fed up and actually cause global warming on a massive level?

Who knows, you will have to check in and see how “our” reality flushes out. Told in a true “what the hell happened” format, the history will unfold as we go and possibly get glimpses into the future (where’s the Delorian!!!)

No matter how the story unfolds, it’s going to be a fun ride!


Keep drinking coffee and hoard them beans!

Just a couple of more days til the end of the world. I reccomend you watch this to help you be more prepared. Probably the most helpful video I have EVER seen on preparing for the coming apocalypse and all those damn hippies that will come with it!

Be watchful!  Be ready!  The End is Coming!  The Mayans and Simpsons can’t be wrong!

January 1, 2013 the end is the beginning!


Be sure to see the end, beginning soon!

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